(1)  Kiln Dried 5/4 maple frame for maximum strength and durability


(2)  Joints are secured with double dowels and corner blocks screwed and glued to the frame creating a strong permanent bond

(3)  Legs are study extensions of back rail or engineered into frame for structural integrity

(4)  Heavy steel bands placed under each row of coils add extra support

(5)  Interlaced  webbing provides strong support of spring seat construction

(6)  Eight-way hand-tied coils using various gauges as required by style for seating comfort

(7)  Edge roll along front seat deck provides flexible padding and protection

(8)  High-strength low-noise synthetic fabric covers the entire frame for foundation support

(9)  Polyester and cotton batting is used in conjunction with polyurethane to add shape and plushness

(10)  Filling materials are odor free, will not decay or mildew and preserve the fine tailoring for years

(11)  Standard Cushioning varies by style.  Refer to the price list for further construction and option information

(12)  All back filling is channeled to hold material in place for long-lasting comfort and support

(13)  Outsides are covered with non-woven synthetic and polyester/cotton batting to reduce abrasion between the frame and outside fabric

(14)  All welts align or are cut on bias for aesthetic appearance

(15)  Pellon™ interlined skirt gives lasting smoothness, shape, and visual appeal